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Osmanlı Dönemi'nde Diyarbakır İngiliz Konsolosluğu'nun Ermenilerle Olan Münasebetine Genel Bir Bakış

The consular institution, whose history is based on the Ancient Greek Site States, was used as a means of developing inter-state trade in the early periods. States have contributed to their economic activities for centuries thanks to this institution. In the 19th century, the lands of the Ottoman Empire became an important field of western expansionism. Western great states tried to implement different policies in order to achieve their political goals in the Ottoman geography. They also used the consulates to achieve these goals. The steps of Russia within the Ottoman lands made Britain uneasy. Britain carried out different studies in Ottoman lands against Russia's movements. He opened a consulate in the Ottoman lands in order to contribute to his studies and to prevent the activities of the Russians in the east. During the process, it increased the number of Ottoman consulates, especially in the eastern lands. In this context, the British consulate in Diyarbakır, which is in a very important position both geographically and strategically, started to draw attention. In this way, the British supported the Armenians and had a share in the emergence of the Armenian problem in Diyarbakır and the eastern provinces. Consulates have thus become organizations that serve in line with the political aspirations of the states, acting entirely outside of their main duties. So much so that this institution turned into institutions that caused destructive and divisive activities within the state as of the 19th century. When this situation started to harm the existing order of the Ottoman Empire rather than benefit, the state restricted the powers of the consulates. Finally, with Lausanne, he wanted to remove the capitulations completely and prevent the consulates from interfering with their internal affairs by using capitulations as an excuse.

Keywords: Ottoman, Diyarbakır, Consulate, British, Armenian.


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