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Today, when the environment of competition between businesses is intense and the demands and needs of consumers are getting more and more complex, businesses are applying to marketing types in order to meet the demands and needs of consumers, to market them and to take their place in the market. Nowadays, tourism businesses have now realized that they cannot live without being sensitive to the environment. Environmental cleaning and the use of sustainable natural resources are gaining importance in the tourism industry every day. Green marketing practices are one of the sectors that gain importance day by day in this direction. As a result of this analysis, studies on the green marketing activities of the tourism enterprises in the hospitality industry have been carried out. What kind of a path should be followed in the process of becoming a green business in hotel businesses and the environmental documents that green hotels should have and what the criteria of the documents are mentioned. In this study, the concept of green marketing, the concepts used in this field, general information about green marketing applications in tourism enterprises is given. The aim of the study; in the field of green marketing activities in tourism businesses In line with resources that can be accessed with the literature in Turkey ever made article it is intended to analyze the papers and graduate theses.

Tourism, Tourism Businesses, Hotel Businesses, Green Marketing


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