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Molecular Analysis of Skeletons Found in Tlos (Fethiye / Muğla) Excavations

Ancient DNA studies have contributed significantly to the understanding of the history of nature and humanity. With the development of next generation sequencing techniques has brought great innovation and convenience in the sequencing of the mitochondrial genome. The increase in the number of mitochondrial DNA sequences in the databases will reveal new data for understanding the unknowns of human history. In this thesis study, aDNA isolation was performed on skeletons found in Tlos (Fethiye/Mugla) excavations. In order to amplify mitochondrial DNA, 58 pairs of primers were chosen and the "Touchdown" PCR method was used. The amplified regions were sequenced with next generation sequencing technology and the haplogroups of the individuals from which the skeletons were obtained were identified using bioinformatics tools. This study will be able to contribute with archaeological information on the historical debate on the origins of human communities lived in Turkey. This interdisciplinary work can influence the other ancient DNA studies in Turkey.

Ancient DNA, Fethiye, Tlos, excavation, mitochondrial DNA, haplogroup


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